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Accounting Outsourcing

Outsourcing is about contracting professionals from outside to perform certain functions in a company. Usually, it is a function that requires a high degree of qualification, but has no any significant impact on a company’s performance. Accounts outsourcing is widely practiced in modern world where businessmen earn money while external consultants help them to grow and expand. Keeping own permanent professionals on full-time basis implies high costs caused by the establishment of working station and conditions for the staff including payment of income and social security taxes.On top of it, companies have to bear the costs of the staff in the period of inactivity and downtimes.When outsourced to a team of professionals led by certified auditor, your accounts will be maintained in accordance with the modern legislative requirements.


Though DUE DILIGENCE, as a term has been defined, still it may have several perceptions. How do we understand financial DUE DILIGENCE? We carry out a comprehensive assessment of a company’s financial performance before acquisition or merger. During due diligence, we identify tax, finance and other risks that might lead to significant cash outflows, after company acquisition. Investing in a company without carrying out due diligence is equal to a “time bomb” and might lead to unexpected financial losses.

Tax Reporting

Continuous amendments to the country Tax Code as well as accounting system modifications require an immediate response and engagement of highly-qualified professionals to prepare tax returns.
Our professionals with outstanding practical experience will prepare corporate income tax returns as well as develop tax registry forms in a prompt and quality manner. Unique tax registries are designed specifically for an organization in compliance with legislation framework. . The Corporate Income Tax returns will result in greater transparency and will be better understood by both management and fiscal authorities.

Reconstruction of accounting records

In many cases, companies aspired by saving costs recruit unqualified and incompetent professionals and it is likely that such a practice will inevitably impose a company to the risks of loss of productivity, accuracy and transparency of transactions. In the best case scenario the shortcomings are revealed by a company’s management, in the worst case it is detected by fiscal authorities. By ordering our service on recovery of your company’s accounts, you will gain confidence that your accounting system is sound and that it is a powerful analytical and planning instrument. Also, you will benefit from valuable recommendations on important tax accounting aspects from our experienced professionals. Proper accounting system is the key to your business success story.

Transformation to IFRS

In accordance with our legislation, all the companies should apply International Financial Reporting Standards for their accounting. This legal requirement concerns Small and Medium Enterprises and Public sector. In practice, some Small and Medium Enterprises experience difficulties with reading and understanding of financial statements after introduction of IFRS due to its complexity. However, IFRS will certainly be useful and nessesary for attraction of investments and loans and is considered as an inevitable prerequisite of further growth and development.Our company looks forward to helping you to smoothly transform to IFRS.

Tax Burden Optimization

By tax burden optimization we perceive it as an opportunity to reduce tax burden in legal way by optimizing the application of taxation requirements in your specific business. We don’t consider it as a chance to escape tax liabilities; therefore we are not calling to those who want to pay less tax to the country budget. We want to assist to those who experience high tax burdens incompatible with their companies’ turnover. We are confident that our knowledge and experience will help you to develop your business and increase cash flows.

Our highly qualified team
of professionals has following certifications

We develop personally and professionally through continuous qualification upgrade trainings.

Account&Assist Company Executives

Nurlan S. Makhmutov


  • RK Auditor
  • Professional Accountant
  • CIPA (CIPAEN)- certified
  • Has considerable working experience with manufacturing companies.
  • Trainer on Financial Management and Corporate Finance
  • Member of Chamber of Tax Consultants

Saule S. Makhmutova, АССА


  • RK Auditor
  • CIPA (CIPAEN)- certified
  • Member of Advisory Board of RK Finance Ministry
  • Over 5 years of experience in audit
  • Have worked as CFA in enterprises for over 10 years


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